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Fanfic: The Nile Medal

I HAVE FIC!!!!! This is very exciting for me, seeing as it's been ages and ages since I finished anything. :DDD I'm currently stuck in Age of Sail RPF land and I can't seem to get out, and the pairings are getting more and more obscure (please someone tell me I'm not the only one out there who ships James Dacres/Isaac Hull. Please...? I just want someone to squee over their utter adorableness with!) But at least Nelson/Hardy is a fairly obvious ship. :P

Title: The Nile Medal
Fandom: Historical RPF
Pairing: Horatio Nelson/Thomas Masterman Hardy
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word count: 1374
Summary: Hardy is overlooked for recognition, and Nelson won't stand for it.
A/N: A quick, silly fic inspired by the Nelson-Hardy Nile medal. Following the Battle of the Nile, Nelson's prize agent, Alexander Davison, used the profits from the captured French ships to have medals struck for every man who had taken part in the battle. Gold medals were struck for Nelson and the captains. Hardy was not originally presented with one, presumably because he had still been a master and commander at the battle, rather than a full-fledged post-captain. Yet although Nelson had been eagerly awaiting his new bling, he instead presented his own medal to Hardy.

This was written as UST, but I think it works as gen, too.

I am confident it was not your intention to exclude Captain Hardy, who was a Captain at the Battle of the Nile...Collapse )

2013 in a nutshell

Happy New Year! :D

Yup, time for the 2013 navel-gazing post. Not that I'm very good at navel-gazing, but still.

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What I'm Reading Wednesday

I really wish I had something interesting to write about in this journal, but my life at the moment is pretty spectacularly dull, especially now that I find myself stuck in the doldrums of unemployment again. x___x Honestly, the most interesting things about my life are the books I'm reading, and that's more to do with them than it is about me. I have been having some thoughts about writing, so I may end up waffling about them at some point, just as somewhere to throw them out, but I couldn't say they were in any way profound, or in any way interesting.

Oh, well. Books it is, then!

Unsurprisingly, a whole lot of AOS...Collapse )

And that's mostly it on the book front. Just out of interest, has anyone read Kidnapped and/or Catriona by Robert Louis Stevenson? Because I'm going through a bit of a fangasm with these books the now, and the lack of internet fandom is killing me. Because OH GOOD GOD ALL MY FEELS FOR ALL THE CHARACTERS I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR, and I'm in dire need of someone to flail with (or just at, but preferably with). :D



At last, I finally have something worth journalling about! X'D

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That Wednesday meme again

Argh, I have so many things I'd like to blog about, but I've been so lazy about it! I was down in Middlesbrough at the weekend to see my BFF 5EVA (:DDDD) and to visit HMS Trincomalee, which was best described as ASDFGHJKL;LKHDSA, and I feel I should probably at least post a few of my 292 photos on Tumblr. Then there's a write-up of last week's Much Ado, because it gave me a surprising amount of Borachio feels (wut). And that charity shop post I said I'd do. And I still need to update my book blog with all my gushy thoughts about Broke and the Shannon, and now The Ionian Mission.

But for tonight, it's Wednesday, so it's book blah time!

You know how it goes...Collapse )


Books, theatre, and the end of the era :')

Just in case you think this is going to be some terribly highbrow post... um... it's not. XD

First, this Wednesday's book run-down:

Book waffleCollapse )

Half-baked opinions on the BardCollapse )

And historical feelsCollapse )
Forgot to do this last week, as I had a lot of other stuff going on. That said, my answers would pretty much be the same as they were the week before, so there wouldn't have been much point!

But anyway, here's this week's! (Ignoring the fact that it's technically Thursday now, sssh)

The usual quota of getting overemotional over dead sailors and having too many damn books to read. Also TV (or lack of it). And some other rubbish.Collapse )

Wednesday Reading Meme

Okay, so technically, it's Thursday now, but shush. :P

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Apart from that, not much new here. Tentatively considering doing JulNoWriMo, but I don't know which plotbunny I'd go for. Need to do more research for my AOS one before I write much more, but maybe I could go for one of my other, less involved plotbunnies. Hm.


Wednesday Reading Meme

I've been seeing this meme on various blogs for a while now, and since I'm still prodding myself to get back up to speed with my reading, I thought I'd start doing it here. :)

What I Just Finished Reading

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What I'm Reading Now

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What I'm Reading Next

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I think I mentioned it over on Tumblr, but not here: I've set up a separate blog to record my attempts to gnaw away at the massive pile of books on my desk, where I'm posting more detailed write-ups on what I've been reading. Nothing near a formal review blog, more a collection of semi-coherent opinions, squee, and rants. But if for some reason you're remotely interested in what I'm reading, it's over at Vere's Book Blog. (Inventive title, I know!)


Fanfic: On Such a Full Sea

Well, I have the feeling that anyone who knows me isn't going to be remotely surprised by this! XD This is a plotbunny that I've been toying with for a few months now, and it's caused me a bit of hair-pulling and writer-angst. It probably could've done with a good beta-ing, in all honesty, but by this point I kinda just wanted it over with. XD

Also on AO3.

Title: On Such a Full Sea

Fandom: Julius Caesar (Shakespeare)

Pairing, Characters: Brutus/Cassius

Rating: PG

Warnings: Mostly my dodgy grasp of naval jargon and the mechanics of sailing; heavy-handed metaphor; some very mild suggestiveness.

Word count: 3984

Disclaimer: Shakespeare and history have this one covered.

Summary: Age of Sail AU. In which Caesar is the too-ambitious commodore, Brutus is the honourable but conflicted first lieutenant, Cassius is the shifty purser, and there is one word hanging unsaid in the air.

A/N: Because of reasons. Most of those reasons being that the Age of Sail is awesome, and everything should have an Age of Sail AU. EVERYTHING. I’ve got some a wee bit of self-indulgent waffle re: AOS-ifying Julius Caesar, and making excuses for some historical licence and borrowed quotes, but I’ve put that at the end to spare you.

Cassius came on deck just after seven bells in the first watch...Collapse )

Notes of interest(?)Collapse )

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