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Kirsten's Scribbles

The writings, musings and overall gibberish of a self-confessed procrastinator.

14 September
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Oh, Lordy. I hate writing these things. There's no way to make me sound interesting.

Lessee... I'm twenty, and when I'm not writing like a mad writing thing, I'm procrastinating like... well... a mad procrastinating thing (which is usually the case!). At the moment, I'm working on an historical fiction series, and it pretty much consumes my soul, but I do find the time to scribble the occasional fanfic. History-wise, if it wears a toga or lorica segmentata, I'm interested. :)

Apart from that, I got nothing.

Other places where I'm usually to be found online:

My main blog (http://kirstencampbell.blogspot.com). Originally set up to track the progress of my books, and contains various ramblings on writing, history, life, with the occasional excerpt or book review thrown in. It's been on a somewhat involuntary hiatus for several months now (real life is a bitch), but I'm hoping to get posting again soon.

My deviantART profile. Truth be told, I'm no artist, so this account is really just a place for me to round up my favourites.

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